The book 'The Plant-based Plan©'

Many international organisations and associations emphasize plant-based diets in their dietary recommendations because of the many health and environmental benefits.
But what is plant-based eating exactly?
This indispensable guide to plant-based eating is the first such guide to offer a scientifically supported answer to all of these questions. A detailed reference book overflowing with valuable information and motivating and surprisingly practical advice for anyone who wants to get started on a plant-based dietary plan.

The authors
As a Dietitian and the founder of Alimenta, Lynne Garton provides independent dietary advice to the general public. Janice Harland is a nutritionist specialising in functional nutrition and macronutrients.
Their mission: To make the world aware of the importance of a healthy diet.

The Plant-based Plan, the mission

The Plant-based Plan is an initiative of the Alpro Foundation, who wants to introduce the general public to a healthy way of eating for us humans and for the planet. The plan helps you to shift the focus in your meals to more plant-based eating patterns in a simple manner.

Why a more plant-based diet?
Throughout the years the eating habits in the West have shifted. At one time plant-based foods traditionally played a major role, but today the emphasis lies on animal foods.
This is not a positive development, because research shows that:
- It is the plant-based foods that bring us the best of nature
- Plant-based eating offers us many health benefits, both in the short term as in the long term
- Animal foods are a much larger burden on the environment.

Scientifically supported
The Plant-based Plan has been created by nutritionists and is supported by the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Alpro Foundation. The book ‘The Plant-Based Plan’ serves as the reference for the programme.